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10 Tips For Pest Prevention

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At Patriot Pest Control, Inc., we realize that an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure. Property owners who use the following tips can save themselves money, time and prevention of property damage.
  1. Keep firewood elevated above the ground and away from your house.
  2. Keep gutters cleaned to prevent water from backing up.
  3. Avoid putting food out in the yard for birds and other forms of wild life.
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  1. If you are an animal lover and must put out bird food, use a bird feeder that is hung from a tree well away from your home.
  2. Avoid placing garbage cans at the curb the evening before it is scheduled for pick up. Instead put it out the morning of pick up whenever possible.
  3. Always use garbage cans with lids, which completely cover the top of the can and latch under the can rim. If the lid breaks, get new cans.
  4. Soil and mulch should not touch wood siding or support posts. A minimum of 6 to 8 inches of exposed foundation should always be visible.
  5. Landscaping and plants, including vines, trees and shrubs, should be planted away from your home. Do not allow plants to grow densely near the foundation and avoid allowing vines or other climbing plants on your home.
  6. Crawl spaces, attics and basements should be ventilated and dried out. Use a dehumidifier during damp, humid weather.
  7. Do all you can to get rid of mosquitoes, which breed easily in standing water and can infect humans with West Nile virus.
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